With fifteen years under his belt and just as many chart topping singles to his credit, Casey Donahew is giving a gift to the throngs of fans who attend his shows weekly and sing his lyrics back to him and his band at sold-out venues all over the country. 15 YEARS, THE WILD RIDE, produced by Josh Leo and Donahew, releases on October 6th.  Fans can PRE-ORDER the new album for $5.99 and get Casey’s anthem “Stockyards” and two other songs immediately HERE.

The album offers fifteen of Donahew’s biggest songs to date, including hits like; “12 Gauge,” “Double Wide Dream,” and “Fallen,” one of the first songs he ever wrote. And of course, no Donahew retrospective would be complete without his mainstay singalong hit, “Stockyards,” the ode to where it all began. The album also includes a new recording of “3AM” (Matchbox 20), a staple of Casey’s live set.

For Casey, re-recording these songs has offered a chance to muse on just how far he’s come from that first gig at the Thirsty Armadillo, all those years ago, to the packed houses he sings to at iconic venues like Red Rocks and Billy Bob’s Texas today – and all the vivid memories in between. To see Casey talk about his impressive career to date please click HERE

While Casey’s original recordings withstood the test of time, the modest entertainer admits that they were not recorded under the most favorable conditions. “When I first started we didn’t have much money and really didn’t know what we were doing, but we knew we wanted to make something for our fans. So we went in and made Lost Days, our first record, and spent about $1500.00 doing one take with an acoustic guitar, bass and drums. We didn’t even have a lead guitar player, so we had a guy go in and go over the   top of the songs one time through. So there’s four instruments, one vocal, and no harmonies -- it’s about as basic as you could get,” says Donahew.  “These songs have been with me a long time and they’re a part of who I am. It’s been a lot of fun to go back in the studio to record them the right way and pay tribute to my fans and celebrate the years.”